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Local customs and stories
There are many local habits and customs which comes from ancient times and still used and raised today

10 stories in cartoon style sponcered by Wenzhou's clothes brand company "Meters bonwe". The stories are about famous sightseeing spots like Jiangxin Island or Wu ma street (Five horses street).

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Wenzhou "Guci", a form of ballads and story-telling

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Postcard Sets

These postcard sets are available in many bookstores and they showing a good selection of Wenzhou customs.

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Southern drama classics
Wenzhou Children's Games
Wenzhou Folk Customs
Wenzhou Old Trades
Stone carving , Calligraphy and Painting

by Mr. Pan Meixin

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Chinese local opera from Nanxi and southern Drama

Wenzhou is the birthplace of Nanxi (Southern opera). Famous performances are : "Gao Ji and Wu Sanchun", "The white Snake", "Red Plum Blossoms in white Snow".


Here is a report about "Chinese local opera from Nanxi and southern Drama" from the China Daily Newspaper

Dragon boat race  

Most people celebrate Dragon boat festival by eating Zongzi, which is a pyramid shaped package of sticky rice and pork wrapped in leaves.

Since 2004 officially allowed again. Stopped for 10 years because of internal fightings durring the race. Every boat belongs to a village in former times.

The boats will be build only by skilled craftsman and the cost is around 10.000 RMB for one. The length of a boat is 18 meters and 1,2 meters in width. 36 persons are in one boat.

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Local food and delicacies

Yu yuan tang - local fish meat soup Yangmei (Waxberry) Dried fish and meat
Chang ren hun tun - Dumpling soup Tang yuan soup  

The unimaginable Story of Xu Xiangshun

A Chinese Peasant's Italian Roots
By Ching-Ching Ni, Los Angeles Times

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