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Because Wenzhou is famous for it's small commodities industry and wealthy businessman it don't give us the impression of a tourist city with beautiful landscapes and rich cultural background. But if you stay longer in Wenzhou you will find the pearls in the shell. Even the shell is scratched and not wide open the pearls are beautiful.

Frequent flights between Wenzhou and Shanghai connect Wenzhou to the outside world. The bullet trains have linked Wenzhou with  Hangzhou, the provincial  capital within 3 hours. You can easily find out some China tours concerning Shanghai or Hangzhou.  Most scenic spots in Wenzhou are known only locally, but the Yandang mountain, Nanxi River and the maybe the Bridges of Taishun are known countrywide. They are even quite late localized by the Lonely Planet guidebook.

Nanxi River

Yandang Mountain


The best way to go around is by car. If you prefer the bicycle the local bicycle club can be the right choice for you. For to go hiking you can find several clubs & offices who offers 1 or 2 day trips.

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